Hello world!

Hey guys,

Got a fresh new wordpress install, and it’s looking to be a little fun, I hope.

At this stage, I know I don’t have much footfall on the blog any more, but I am at the end of my studies and needed to pick up a new project, this project is commonly known as the “quest for gainful employment”, and it was suggested that I create a blog (or in our case, revitalise a blog) with one or two key intentions.

Firstly, you’re going to find me posting about my interests.

This is going to include talk of videogames, D&D, music, films, boardgames, all littered with the occasional review.

Secondly, soon you’re going to find a “portfolio” section in the menu, as a means to show off the sort of nerdy things I can make.


Now, I know what you’re thinking “Silent, why have you installed WordPress and not built your own blog?”

There’s a simple answer for that, ease of use and speed really.

The portfolio is going to feature examples of work I can make, I don’t feel the need to put a month into making a fully custom website just to cover the blog, I’d rather get blog posts up to start with.


I will mirror this information in an “About Me” page no doubt, but allow me to introduce myself.

Friends, my name is Silent, not my real name obviously but a nickname that has followed me around for a fair few years and I am fond of it, so lets roll with it.

I’m an Englishman, with the accent and everything you might expect, I have been walking this world about 30-something years and in that time I have only gone from geeky-strength to geeky-strength.

My hobbies include web development-focused programming (and if anyone wants to give me a job, just take a look at that portfolio link, when it gets here), playing tabletop RPG’s (with a specific focus for D&D) computer games, the occasional boardgame, writing making music and horror films.

My current daily schedule, when not working, is to throw some time into writing some 3rd Party D&D content, before loading up Twitch Sings to rock out, whether alone or in a stream.

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