Epic Legacy – A D&D 5E 3rd party supplement

Okay, so when it comes to Dungeons and Dragons, I have wanted to play since my youth but I didn’t have the opportunity, my first real chance to play was in the 5th Edition starter box.

With this in mind, though I didn’t get much experience of 4E, most of my experiences with 5E are comparative.

One of the things I loved in 4E was the idea of Epic Destinies, being able to get so far along your characters personal story that they transcend sheer adventuring, you can change the world, kill a god, become the best of the best of the top of the so on and so forth, all as something of a reward for getting a character to level 20, of sorts.

It has made me somewhat.. sad, that there is nothing that really is equivalent with 5th Edition.


When I saw the Epic Legacy book, by 2CGaming on Kickstarter, I will admit to jumping at it, the idea of any content beyond level 20 that could have been a fraction of what I saw in 4E was promising to me.

So I will be completely honest, when I got hold of my copy of Epic Legacy I was disappointed, the book didn’t contain such things as I was hoping.

But let us be honest, that was on me, I supported the project on my own expectations.


Now with that in mind, what do we see when we look at the Epic Legacy Core Rulebook?

Simply put, this book aims to create a guide for what to do after you hit level 20, giving you advice, monsters, items and such to carry you up to level 30 and in doing that I believe it does well.

All the content is laid out well, it is easy to understand and is full of content featuring advice on “Epic Characters” prestige classes, Epic Feats and Skills, new spells and spell handling, general DM advice, encounter specific examples, relics and creatures.

But for all that, I feel likethe Epic Legacy book misses a beat.


When we actually look at the content that your average player is going to want to look at, we find things slightly lacking.

Using one of my own characters as an example, the Level 7 Dwarven Paladin Retsam, he took Oath of the Ancients, puts a bigger focus on knowledge and understanding than on smiting evil, but when he reaches level 20, if we were using the Epic Legacy book, Retsam, along with all other classes, only get one class-specific choice.

The Paladin becomes a Crusader.


Admittedly, the Crusader gets different spells and feats, but if you have two characters of the same class (though different subclass) and they both get the same title, it just feels cheapened somehow.

Though 2CGaming have put in a lot of good work adding something for all classes, and pretty much every subclass I can think of, giving everyone the same title regardless of subclass and making it purely an extension of their original subclass just feels.. tacked on.

I would have prefered it if I could pick from a list of epic subclasses, or if each of the “Prestige Classes” felt unique per subclass, rather than per class with subclass modifiers.


I get that what I want out of an “Epic” book isn’t the same as what others might desire, but the Epic Legacy book feels like an extension of what we already have and not the expansion that I wished for.

Every class has to hit level 20, every class has to slan an “Epic Foe”, every class needs to accomplish an “Epic Trial”


Ultimately, I guess what I liked most about 4E’s Epic Destinies, was that it allowed you to achieve a feat no one else could, whether that’s becoming a Godhunter, a literal Myth, a Saint or an Angel, they gave a destination for a journey 30 levels deep, something you could work towards for those last 10 levels, a final chapter in the story of your Character.

Compared to that, Epic Legacies just add more chapters to your story, they don’t add a goal or conclusion which is ultimately what I was hoping for.


So as a conclusion, if you want to take your character from level 21 to 30, by all means this is a well produced book with plenty of content




Though as an aside, it does bug me that everything is labeled Epic in the book, it just feels like a devaluation of the term.

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