Atomic Blonde [2017]

The review may contain spoilers, so like we seem to be doing as a habit, have a trailer.

I am just getting these off of youtube.

Lets look at the plot.

Charlize Theron plays a superspy who goes into Berlin in the final days of the Cold War, looking for a watch that contains microfilm containing details on Spies.

There’s political intrigue, sex, fighting and more, by more I am obviously talking about butts, there are butts in this film.

Why the entire thing matters, why everyone wants this microfilm is because it holds details on a double agent, known only as “Satchel”, someone who has been betraying the British to the Russians, and getting hold of the list could mean the end of the war.


So lets look at details within the film.

Technically the film looks great, it is dark, opressive, it just feels like what I’d expect late 80’s Berlin to feel like, I really can’t fault that.

Then there’s the fighting, the combat looks amazing, gritty, realistic, violent.


Plotline, well that just feels like they’re throwing twists and turns at us for the shock value, we spend the entire film following Theron as our protagonist, we get all these clues leading towards “Is Percival (played by James McAvoy) Satchel?”, with one spy even whispering a secret abut Percival to Theron (a secret we never learn, of course), but then as the Wall comes down and everything comes to a head it turns out that Theron was Satchel the entire time, which makes less sense when we see that Percival had set up Theron to be ambushed by Russians as she tries to get out an East-German operative who had memorised the microfilm, surely he would have known that Theron’s character was Satchel and that she had nothing to gain by his survival, it made no sense.

It gets better, as after Theron manages to clear her name with the English, we see a shot in Paris where she’s with the Russians, then ends up killing them all with a “Every piece of false intel I gave you was another crack in the Iron Curtain, everything you gave me was a bullet in my gun”, I assume this is because the original author couldn’t finish with his character being the bad guy, but after killing the Russians, Theron gets on a plane with a CIA handler, so was she secretly a CIA operative, masquerading as a British spy, who then went on to become a triple agent? It is just needlessly convoluted at that point.

I had the same issue with 2010’s Salt, they make these things needlessly convoluted.


Acting, after what I just said about the plot, I actually really liked the cast and their performances, I thought they did well here, we’ve got a bunch of great actors, Charlize Theron, James McAvoy, Eddie Marsan, John Goodman and Toby Jones filling the top slots, they delivered solid performances, and though admittedly there was nothing stand-out, they did a good job.


Final thoughts.

So, I feel as if Atomic Blonde got green-lit because it’s a comic book film in a post-MCU world, comics are more popular than ever and comic based films are breaking records.

Would I tell you to watch this? Most definitely, the acting is solid, the setting is grand and the combat is damned good, and bloody as heck, but it’s not a perfect film by any means, so save this one for when you want to watch something indescribably violent, you might have to ignore the flaws in the plot however.

I’m gonna give this a solid 7 out of 10

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