Deadcon [2019] A film review

Trailer, then potentially spoiler filled discussion.


Okay, so at the time of viewing this film scored a remarkable 2.8 on IMDB and honestly, I just had to see if it was that bad, so lets see.


The film starts in 1984, some chat room (LinkRabBit) tech startup going under at a TechCon and as the off screen  “pull the plug”, someone (Bobby) logs into their chat room and offers to give the tech guy “internet friends” if he gives the user real life friends.

If you haven’t guessed, that “user” is a demon, despite being the central point of the film it is never really explained, touched on or covered.

Flash forward to now, and there’s a social media convention, and we follow one user AKAshley who is disenfranchised with being a social media star, put up in a room that looks as if it hasn’t been touched in 35 years.

That room, as you might guess is the one from 1984 with the tech guy, we see spookiness happening, a Rabbit balloon, a photo of a boy holding that very same balloon, labelled “Bobby, 1984”.


Long story short, AKAshley gets possessed, and attempts to absconed with untended children.

The connecting room has also been experiencing spooky things.

Then by the time we reach the end, everyone dies.

But the hotel still rents out the same room and the next social media girl to get it leaves a laptop sitting, which then gets.. uh.. some modern iteration of LinkRabBit pop up.


So, this film had potential but missed every point.

We have some unexplained demon that starts out inside the tech and then.. just takes over the room, and the next room, then back in the computer, there’s no rules around the demon, and those we see imposed are broken freely, we also have no logical reason why there are limitations on the demon in this film, in one scene the haunted room is illuminated red and the ghost of Bobby is reaching, stretching out to a girl in the hall, seemingly unable to just snatch her away, but in a flashback we see the ghost of Bobby appear in the hall and rush in to the room.


I’ll tell you what we should have had here.

Social media Influencer turns up, tries to connect to the hotel wifi and it’s dodgy as heck, another wifi pops up “LinkRabBit” and once conencted a chat window opens up, the Influencer thinks they’re talking to the front desk, so they begin to indulge.

This allows a route to our character getting possessed, being influenced into a series of worse acts culminating in murder as the possession becomes complete.

One thing we lacked in Deadcon, was a protagonist, we spend the first half of the film following AKAshley, and when she’s corrupted we switch over to following other characters, instead I would have had AKAshley as a hero, her reluctance to her social media presence being the defining factor, making her the analogy for a “virgin” from classic slasher films.

Want to go a little bit further and we can have our now possessed Influencer using their social media reach to influence others, rather than straight up murder.


Now, Deadcon was a 77 minute film, not even reaching the 90 minute mark I imagine this film has a lot of content that got cut out and I can’t see why.

What we have left isn’t even the barebones of a film, it’s bones and just a little bit of stringly muscle, which feels somehow worse, they put in all the effort and then cut out the good stuff.


Do I think this film is a 2.8 out of 10? No, it gets a below average 3.5 and that is only because I think the film had potential, it just fell significantly short.

I watched this so you don’t have to.




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