Animal Crossing New Horizons

To start, this was my first foray into the Animal Crossing franchise.

I had bought this on release to match friends, so I might be able to learn the game and “keep up” with their gameplay experience, and so my review is someone coming in to the franchise as a newb.


Lets start, first week playing ACNH, I absolutely hated it.

I felt like I was dropped into a world with very little to do, no guidance and no idea what I should pursue, there were no clear goals, no definitive objectives.

I hated it.


It took me about 5 days before I really got a handle on what I should be doing, had a clear goal of what I wanted to do in the game and began pursuing it.

Then a mere few days later, Egg Day started, an in-game event that made what little progress I felt like I was making, had ground to a halt and I gave up on playing religiously.


Rapidly, moved in a few villagers who didn’t fit my theme, and their houses were just scattered across the island, but by now I am highly enjoying the game.

But shortly after the end of Egg Day I had launched back into the game, filling my island with villagers and on hearing rumours of the legendary K.K. Slider appearing, I began working towards that end, admittedly it took me far too long to realise Isabelle would give me advice on how to improve my island.

Once Slider visited and I could begin moving my villagers, I decided to go ahead and move things in to the places I intended.


But then we have the quest for a 5 Star Island, and you know what? I hated it.

Now in order to get to that score, you have to fill up your island, add flowers, add furniture and you might get 5 Stars!

But here is my problem, in order to get to 5 Stars in any reasonable timeframe, I have had to add things to my island that didn’t fit what I wanted, I had to make my island just a hodge podge of furniture.


Personally, I wanted a spooky island, but getting things that fit that kind of theme? Well, I would consider myself lucky, I got the Western Style Stone, and Zen Style Stone, (both gravestones), but other spooky furniture seems few and far between.

Now of course, I can understand that they can not give us everything we want immediately, therein holds no replay value after all, but then we have the villagers.

How can we kick out our villagers? Give me that and I shall continue to tell tall tales about how these scarecrows keep randomly appearing on my island.

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