Deadcon [2019] A film review

Trailer, then potentially spoiler filled discussion.   Okay, so at the time of viewing this film scored a remarkable 2.8 on IMDB and honestly, I just had to see if it was that bad, so lets see.   The film

Hellboy [2019]

I say this every time, but there may be spoilers, heck there’s post-film spoilers in the trailer alone. Speaking of: Right, it seems I am falling into a routine, give a synopsis, then try to discuss the technical aspects of

Atomic Blonde [2017]

The review may contain spoilers, so like we seem to be doing as a habit, have a trailer. I am just getting these off of youtube. Lets look at the plot. Charlize Theron plays a superspy who goes into Berlin

The Pyramid [2014]

This review will contain spoilers, it will also contain the trailer which on review subscribes to that modern ideaology where films deserve to be spoiled.   Right, basic plotline. We follow a father/daughter team of archeologists and an attached camera

Nightmare Gallery [2019]

This review is going to contain spoilers for Nightmare Gallery, if you don’t want to get spoiler’d, well tough. An attempt to build a horror atmosphere with lovecraftian tones. We follow Amber Benson (Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer), as