Doom Eternal

Right, I am going to make this a quick one, I just finished Doom Eternal. You may not think this is a big deal, but I bought the game on release and I stopped playing it. Why did I stop?

Final Fantasy 7: Remake

Right, so lets talk about FF7 briefly, there will be spoilers later on. Final Fantasy 7 was the first game I really got nerdy over, it was the first game where I cared about finishing it, working out fancy tricks

Deadcon [2019] A film review

Trailer, then potentially spoiler filled discussion.   Okay, so at the time of viewing this film scored a remarkable 2.8 on IMDB and honestly, I just had to see if it was that bad, so lets see.   The film

Paranoia: Happiness Is Mandatory

Right, I had planned to storm my way through this game before writing this but uh.. I can’t. I mean, I want to, but I can’t. Here’s the trailer, I will discuss the game after, usual rules apply if you

Terminator – Resistance a review

Right, so we shall start with typical warnings, these words may be spoilers, avoid as needed. Now an admission, I love the Terminator series, I will concede there are some weaker points in the films as they try to upscale

The Outer Worlds

Right, if you haven’t heard of Outer Worlds, where the heck have you been? You know what, just check this out.   All done? Good, lets continue. The basic premise is simple and not too different from something you might

Hellboy [2019]

I say this every time, but there may be spoilers, heck there’s post-film spoilers in the trailer alone. Speaking of: Right, it seems I am falling into a routine, give a synopsis, then try to discuss the technical aspects of

Atomic Blonde [2017]

The review may contain spoilers, so like we seem to be doing as a habit, have a trailer. I am just getting these off of youtube. Lets look at the plot. Charlize Theron plays a superspy who goes into Berlin

The Pyramid [2014]

This review will contain spoilers, it will also contain the trailer which on review subscribes to that modern ideaology where films deserve to be spoiled.   Right, basic plotline. We follow a father/daughter team of archeologists and an attached camera